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Nicknames accept consistently been a big allotment of hockey. As continued as there accept been teammates, there accept been nicknames. Some are simple, some added obscure, but all are a way to accomplish players assume added accustomed and accomplish us feel afterpiece to them.

This account looks at the best nicknames in hockey history. Accumulate in mind, the account is not of the best players, but a account of the best nicknames. Some of the best nicknames belonged to players who are actual obscure.

I am attractive for aboriginal nicknames. Aloof calling Phil Esposito “Espo” is not activity to cut it here, and neither is calling a guy with red bristles “Red” or accession with Built-in American ancestry “Chief.”

Also, it seems there were added aboriginal nicknames in the accomplished rather than in contempo years. That was partially due old ancient bi-weekly men attractive to address bright belief about players, so the old-timers accept an advantage aback it comes to aboriginal monikers.

So here, in no accurate adjustment are the top 60 nicknames in NHL history (well, 61, as we advance off with “The Abundant One,” Wayne Gretzky on this page).

Please feel chargeless to add to the list. I’m abiding there are affluence of players with abundant nicknames that I did not accept allowance for, so amuse add them in the comments section.

I achievement you adore account this account as abundant as I did putting it together.

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Not to be abashed with the Flyers amateur of the aforementioned name, Bob “Battleship” Kelly was a ample advanced for the Blues, Penguins and Blackhawks in the mid-’70s.

Battleship could bead the gloves with the best of them, activity over 100 amends account for four beeline seasons. That and his 6’2″ admeasurement acceptable him his nickname. 

Kelly could additionally account abundant to comedy in the NHL, topping 25 goals in back-to-back seasons for the Penguins.

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Steve Buzinski’s NHL career lasted for aloof nine amateur and that should appear as no surprise, aback he was not a actual acceptable goalie. His career goals adjoin boilerplate was 5.89 and the alone acumen he begin himself in the NHL was that Rangers starting goalie “Sugar” Jim Henry was declared abroad to serve in World War II.

How bad was Buzinski? His appellation is aboriginal but it’s additionally conceivably the affliction accessible appellation a goalie could have: Steve Buzinski “The Bogie Goes Inski.”

Buzinski is no legend, but his different appellation fabricated him a allotment of NHL lore.

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Andre “Moose” Dupont was a big, concrete defenseman with the Flyers during their back-to-back Stanley Cup wins in 1974 and 1975.

Like best of his brother bullies, Dupont wasn’t abashed to mix it up. He stood 6’1″, 200-pounds and his admeasurement and actualization of comedy acceptable him his nickname. Ten times during his career he went over the 100 amends minute mark in a season.

Dupont concluded his career with the Quebec Nordiques.

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Bernie “Boom-Boom” Geoffrion had a angry attempt and a abandoned temper, but the arduous force of his will helped cast him into a abundant hockey amateur for the Canadiens in the 1950s and ’60s.

Geoffrion became the additional amateur in NHL history to adeptness the 50 ambition mark in a season, attached Maurice Richard’s almanac in 1960-61. He was additionally one of the aboriginal players in the NHL to use a bang attempt on a approved basis.

“Boom-Boom” accomplished his amphitheatre career with the Rangers and afterwards accomplished the Rangers, Atlanta Flames and Canadiens afore abrogation the d for good.

Geoffrion is allotment of a ancestors that should be advised hockey royalty. He affiliated the babe of Howie Morenz and his son and grandson additionally went on to comedy in the NHL.

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Goalie Nikolai Khabibulin had an aboriginal nickname, “The Bulin Wall.” He acceptable it by actuality boxy to account on during his NHL heyday with the Lightning, Coyotes and Blackhawks.

Khabibulin has spent the accomplished three seasons in Edmonton and at age 39, charcoal a competent NHL goalie admitting a abridgement of arresting support.

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To this day it charcoal one of the affliction trades in NHL history: In 1976, The New York Rangers beatific adolescent Rick Middleton to the Boston Bruins in barter for an over-the-hill Ken Hodge. Within two years, Hodge was done with hockey while Middleton denticulate 404 added goals and played accession dozen seasons.

Middleton acceptable his appellation for the way he handled the puck. He was a consistently alarming weapon for the Bruins from the mid-’70s and throughout the ’80s. His best division came in 1981-82 aback he denticulate 51 goals.

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“Cowboy” Bill Flett acceptable his appellation because he was originally a agriculturist from Alberta. His NHL career got absolutely underway in Los Angeles area bright buyer Jack Kent Cooke accepted that players all get nicknames and that Flett abrasion a cowboy hat aback the aggregation aboriginal accustomed in town.

Flett afterwards was traded to the Flyers and denticulate 43 goals while amphitheatre on a band with Bobby Clarke. He was allotment of the Flyers aboriginal Stanley Cup aggregation in 1974 and was the aboriginal NHL amateur to abrasion a beard.

He accomplished his career with the Edmonton Oilers of the WHA.

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Dave Schultz acceptable his appellation the aforementioned way he acceptable his alive in the NHL: with his fists. Schultz was the cardinal one apache on the “Broad Street Bullies” teams that brawled their way to two beeline Stanley Cups in 1974-75.

Schultz still holds the NHL almanac for best amends account in a division with 472 set aback in 1974-75.

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Morris Mott had a abrupt NHL career with the California Golden Seals in the mid-’70s. He was never a big ambition scorer, but for some reason, Mott consistently played able-bodied aback he came to New York to face either the Rangers or the Islanders.

Between his different name and everyman’s stature, Mott became a band hero of sorts. He had a fan club in New York which broiled his success by bubbler Mott’s angel juice.

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Yvan Cournoyer acclimated his acceleration to acquire the appellation “The Roadrunner.” He started his career as a adeptness comedy specialist but eventually acceptable a approved about-face and concluded his career as captain of some able Canadiens teams that won 10 Stanley Cups during his career.

Cournoyer additionally played in the 1972 Summit Alternation adjoin the Soviets.

His acceleration and attempt affected opposing players to account him. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1982.

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Gary “Suitcase” Smith acceptable his appellation by amphitheatre for so abounding teams over the advance of his hockey career. What best bodies don’t apprehend is that Smith acceptable that moniker afore he alike accomplished the NHL.

Smith started his NHL career with the Maple Leafs and afterwards played for the Seals, Blackhawks, Canucks, North Stars and Capitals afore finishing his amphitheatre career in the WHA with the Jets and Indianapolis Racers.

Smith acclimated to stick-handle the bogie up ice. It was because of his antics that the NHL anesthetized a aphorism adage goalies could not cantankerous the red band with the puck.

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Not too abounding bodies capital to blend with Derek Boogaard while he was in the NHL. His admeasurement and backbone fabricated him one of the game’s added admired enforcers and helped acquire him the appellation “The Boogey Man.”

Tragically, Boogaard’s activity and career were cut abbreviate in 2011 aback he died of an adventitious balance of medication and booze while he was convalescent from the furnishings of a concussion.

Boogaard was a fan admired in Minnesota and totaled 589 amends account in aloof 277 career NHL games.

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Camille Henry advised all of 152 pounds but it didn’t stop him from acceptable a actual acceptable NHL player. His appellation was “The Eel” because he was a glace amateur admitting his abridgement of size.

Henry won the Calder Bays as the NHL’s amateur of the year in 1953-54 and won the Lady Byng Bays in 1957-58.

After breaking in with the Rangers, he afterwards played for the Blackhawks and Blues afore catastrophe his career in 1969-70.

Henry accomplished one year for the New York Raiders in the WHA afore bloom issues affected him out of hockey.

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Al Arbour was a defenseman for the St. Louis Blues afore he became the allegorical drillmaster of the Islanders absolutism that won four beeline Stanley Cups from 1980-1983.

Arbour was one of the aboriginal NHL players to booty the ice cutting glasses. He acceptable the appellation “Radar” for his affinity to the actualization Radar O’Reilly” from the cine and television actualization M*A*S*H.

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Curtis Joseph was one of the best goalies of his era, amphitheatre in the NHL from  1989 to 2009. He was boxy to amount out, as his goaltending actualization was actual unorthodox, but somehow, he usually managed to accumulate the bogie out of the net.

Despite accepting added than 100 career playoff victories and amphitheatre in abundant All-Star Games, Joseph never won a Stanley Cup. Yet he remained a fan admired wherever he played, abnormally in St. Louis and Toronto.

He got his appellation from the big dog in the abhorrence atypical by Stephen King, which akin the aboriginal two belletrist of his aboriginal and aftermost name. He had the teeth of a abandoned dog on his affectation for best of his NHL career.

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Frank Brimsek access assimilate the NHL amphitheatre like no goalie afore or since. In 1938to ’39, the adolescent American goalie took over for Tiny Thompson in ambition for the Bruins and recorded shutouts in six of his aboriginal eight NHL games. Thus he acceptable the appellation “Mister Zero.”

Brimsek won Stanley Cups in 1939 and 1941, and additionally won both the Calder Bays as amateur of the year and the Vezina Bays as the league’s best goalie in 1939.

Brimsek was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1966.

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Link Gaetz acceptable his appellation a continued time afore he anytime took the ice or alone the gloves. His mother declared him “The Missing Link” anon afterwards he was built-in and the appellation stuck.

It fit him on the ice as Gaetz was a boxy customer. He played in alone 66 career NHL amateur and denticulate aloof six goals, but additionally totaled 412 amends minutes.

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Terry O’Reilly charcoal one of the best accepted Bruins players of all time. He acceptable his nickname, “Taz,” abbreviate for the Tasmanian Devil, for his all out hustle and ceaseless accomplishment on the ice.

O’Reilly arrested anyone that wore an opposing sweater, alone the gloves aback declared on and consistently denticulate 20-plus goals for the Bruins.

O’Reilly’s won over the dejected collar hockey admirers of Boston and “Taz” still gets a huge acclaim any time he allotment to a Bruins game.

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Luc Robitaille came up to the Kings as a about abrupt player: he was the 171st all-embracing aces in the 1984 NHL Entry Draft. Scouts said he didn’t accept a adamantine attempt and couldn’t skate able-bodied abundant to be able in the NHL. By the time he retired, he was the accomplished scoring larboard accompaniment in alliance history.

Robitaille spent some time with the Rangers, Penguins and Red Wings, but will consistently be accepted as a Los Angeles King.

Robitaille wasn’t aloof lucky, he was good. He accomplished his career with eight seasons of 40 or added goals, including one 60-goal division and two others with 50-plus tallies.

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You accept to be a hockey fan to amount out how Keith Tkachuk got the appellation “Walt.”

Walt Tkaczuk was a big advanced for the New York Rangers in the 70s. Adamantine to beating off his feet, Tkaczuk was a solid additional band centermost who was one of the best amends killers of his day. Tkaczuk’s career concluded in 1981 due to an eye injury.

Keith Tkachuk’s name is arresting the aforementioned as Walt’s (what are the odds) but spelled differently. So, aback Keith came up to the NHL with the Winnipeg Jets in 1991, he was accepted as “Walt.”

Keith went on to accept a abundant NHL career, accretion 538 goals and 1,065 credibility in 1,201 NHL games.

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OK, Chadwick wasn’t a player, but he is a Hall of Acclaim adjudicator and had a additional career as a anchorperson with the New York Rangers.

The appellation “The Big Whistle” was accustomed to Chadwick by advertisement accomplice Marv Albert aback the two did Rangers radio in the aboriginal 1970s.

As a referee, Chadwick was accustomed with inventing duke signals and was the aboriginal American-born adjudicator to assignment in the NHL.

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Gary “Bones” Bromley played ambition for the Sabres and Canucks from 1973 to 1981. He additionally had stops in the WHA with the Calgary Cowboys and Winnipeg Jets.

Today, Bromley is remembered best for his mask, which is advised one of the best of all time. The affectation looked like a skull and reflected Bromley’s nickname: “Bones.”

As alarming as the affectation was, Bromley was aloof an boilerplate goaltender, but the affectation and the appellation were both memorable.

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Eddie “The Jet” Joyal acceptable his moniker with the amplification Los Angeles Kings in 1967. Buyer Jack Kent Cooke capital nicknames for all his players to advice the admirers get to apperceive them bigger and Joyal was the fastest skater on the team.

When the aggregation aboriginal landed in Los Angeles, Cooke had a cowboy hat for Bill Flett and a beanie for Absolute “Frenchy” Lemieux, but auspiciously for Joyal, the jet packs he capital his accelerated accompaniment to abrasion were not available.

Joyal played added than four seasons in Los Angeles afore actuality traded to the Flyers and afterwards signing with Edmonton of the WHA.

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It’s accessible to see how Jerry Korab got his nickname: the big defenseman stood 6’3″, advised 218 pounds and seemed to aloof belfry over abounding of his smaller, weaker opponents.  Plus, the adumbration of “King Kong Korab” was aloof too acceptable to resist.

Korab accomplished the Stanley Cup final three times in his aboriginal bristles years in the alliance (1971, 1973 and 1975) but absent all three times.

He was a abiding arresting force for the Blackhawks, Sabres and Kings during his NHL career.

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Frank Beaton’s NHL career lasted alone 25 amateur (although he played 153 added in the WHA), but the apache managed to get one of the added able nicknames in hockey history.

Originally, Beaton was accepted as Frank “Never” Beaton, but afterwards accident a few fights, the appellation was afflicted to “Seldom.”

How boxy was Beaton? He was already arrested for advance over an off-ice adventure in the Birmingham Bulls locker allowance afterwards a WHA game.

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Ed Belfour had a consistently abundant career that spanned from 1988 to 2007, and he won 484 amateur in the NHL.

“Eddie the Eagle” assuredly won a Stanley Cup with the Dallas Stars in 1999. He had a antagonistic personality both on and off the ice which helped accomplish him an accomplished goalie, but additionally got him into trouble.

No amount area he played, Belfour had an hawkeye on his affectation to reflect his acclaimed nickname.

Belfour was adopted to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in his aboriginal year of accommodation in 2011.

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Hockey Hall of Famer Ivan “Ching” Johnson played for the Rangers and New York Americans in 1920s and ’30s.

Johnson didn’t alike alpha amphitheatre aggressive ice hockey until he was in his 20s but managed to not alone comedy in the NHL, but was declared to four post-season All-Star Teams and won a brace of Stanley Cups.

Johnson’s appellation has to be one of the best un-PC in NHL history and would never be accustomed today. Admirers anticipation Johnson’s face looked Asian and they yelled “Ching, Ching, Chinaman” to abutment the big defenseman aback he would bandy a adamantine anatomy check. The appellation was eventually beneath to “Ching” and he was consistently accepted as “Ching” Johnson.

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Glenn “Chico” Resch acceptable his appellation aback amphitheatre with the New York Islanders in the mid-’70s. He was declared “Chico” because of his affinity to amateur Freddie Prinze who starred in the sit-com “Chico and the Man.”

Resch was the Isles goalie in 1974-75 aback they overcame a 3-0 playoff arrears in a Quarterfinal alternation adjoin the Pittsburgh Penguins and came aback to win the alternation 4-3. Resch acceptable a annihilation in a 1-0 win in Bold 7 at the Igloo in Pittsburgh. The Isles afresh fell abaft 3-0 to the arresting Stanley Cup best Flyers in the aing round, won three beeline to tie the alternation afore falling in the seventh and chief game.

Resch was additionally one of the aboriginal goalies to acrylic his mask, putting a map of Continued Island and an “NY” on his face.

Today, “Chico” is the blush analyst on New Jersey Devils television broadcasts.

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Gary Simmons acceptable the appellation “Cobra” while still in the accessory leagues. A bounded sportswriter in Phoenix said Simmons had fast moves in the net like a snake, and he was aback dubbed “Cobra.”

There were a few problems with the appellation and the acclaimed affectation with Simmons afterwards wore. First, it turns out the Cobra is one of the slowest affective snakes, so the appellation didn’t fit. Also, the affectation actualization the alone cobra snake with a bang on it.

That actuality said, the affectation was a abundant one and Simmons was one of the best aboriginal characters to comedy in the NHL.

Simmons didn’t adeptness the NHL until he was 30, afresh registered a annihilation in his aboriginal NHL start. He played for the California Golden Seals, Cleveland Barons and Los Angeles Kings. Simmons wore the cobra affectation for all three teams and never afflicted the colors.

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Edouard Lalonde was a huge brilliant for the Montreal Canadiens aback in the 1910s and 1920s. He afterwards additionally played for the Saskatoon Sheiks of the Western League. He is advised by abounding to be the aboriginal “Flying Frenchman.”

Lalonde acceptable his appellation because he absolutely formed in a bi-weekly bulb afore amphitheatre hockey.

In accession to his hockey skills, Lalonde was additionally advised one of the best Canadian lacrosse players of the aboriginal 20th century.

He was adopted to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1950.

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“Flower” seems like an absurd appellation in a boxy d like hockey,but it aloof seemed to fit Guy Lafleur.

The appellation was artlessly the adaptation of Lafleur’s name from French to English, but no amount what accent you spoke, Guy Lafleur was an aristocratic ambition scorer who won bristles Stanley Cups with Montreal in the ’70s, including four beeline from 1976-79.

After a abrupt retirement, Lafleur alternate to comedy for the Rangers and Quebec Nordiques afore assuredly blind up his skates for good.

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The armpit of “The Flower” skating bottomward the appropriate accession with the bogie on his stick and his albino bristles abounding aflame admirers and abashed goaltenders about the NHL.

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Dave “Tiger” Williams was one of the best accepted players on both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks during his NHL career.

Williams acceptable his appellation with his avidity on the ice. He was tough, accretion 3,966 amends account in his career, but he additionally could comedy hockey. In fact, in 1980-81, Williams denticulate 35 goals and had 343 amends account in the aforementioned season.

His ambition celebration, in which he alley his stick like a witch on a besom stick, was additionally a big hit with fans.

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Roger Neilson was one of the best accepted and affecting NHL coaches. He won wherever he went although he never won a Stanley Cup as a arch coach.

Neilson pioneered the use of cine to advance opponents and acceptable the appellation “Captain Video” afterwards the accepted 1950s TV show.

He was additionally a man of faith, assumption and confidence who aggressive his players to accord their best accomplishment for him.

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“Gump” Worsley was one of the aftermost goalies in the NHL to comedy afterwards a affectation and one of the abundant quipsters in hockey history. He was additionally a accomplished goalie.

Worsley acceptable his appellation because of his declared affinity to banana book actualization Andy Gump.

Among his added acclaimed quotes, he already said,”My face is my mask,” aback asked whey he didn’t abrasion one.  He gave a abundant acknowledgment to a anchorman who asked him which aggregation gave him the best trouble. “The Rangers,” Worsley answered with a beeline face, allotment his own team.

Worsley won the Calder Bays as the NHL’s top amateur and a brace of Vezina Trophies and was a allotment of four Stanley Cup winners with the Canadiens. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1980.

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Maurice “The Rocket” Richard was the aboriginal NHL amateur to account 50 goals in a division and actually the best ambition scorer of his era.

He acceptable his appellation for the acceleration he showed on the ice. In fact, abounding bodies said they had never apparent a faster amateur from the opposing dejected band in.

Richard denticulate 544 career goals and was the NHL’s best baton at the time of his retirement in 1960. He won eight Stanley Cups with the Habs and the affection he showed while amphitheatre was article those who saw him comedy would never forget.

The binding three-year cat-and-mouse aeon for acceptance to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim was waived for Richard and he was inducted in 1961. Today, the NHL’s arch ambition scorer is awarded the Rocket Richard Bays in his honor.

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Henri Richard was the adolescent brother of Maurice “The Rocket” Richard. Fifteen years afar the brothers in age and Henri was a few inches beneath than his brother, so he became accepted as “The Pocket Rocket.”

While he was not the according of his brother as a ambition scorer, “The Pocket Rocket” was a brilliant in his own right. He accomplished his career with 1,046 credibility in a career that started in 1955 and concluded in 1975.

Richard won an absurd 11 Stanley Cups during his NHL career with the Habs. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1979.

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Pavel Bure was one of the fastest players in the 1990s, and one of the league’s best ambition scorers. His acceleration and birthplace acceptable him the appellation “The Russian Rocket.”

Bure had back-to-back 60 ambition seasons in 1992-93 and 1993-94 and helped advance the Canucks to the Stanley Cup final adjoin the Rangers in 1994 area his club fell one ambition abbreviate in the seventh and chief game.

In his career, Bure had bristles seasons of 50 or added goals afore injuries slowed him bottomward and affected him to retire. He played his aftermost NHL d at the age of 32.

Bure won a brace of Rocket Richard Trophies as the NHL’s arch ambition scorer. “The Russian Rocket” accomplished his career with 437 goals in 702 NHL games.

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Don Murdoch charcoal one of the abundant “what-ifs” in New York Rangers history. The accomplished amateur access assimilate the NHL amphitheatre with a 32 ambition amateur division that concluded afterwards aloof 59 amateur due to injury. During his amateur year, he had an absorbing bristles ambition d adjoin the Minnesota North Stars.

Murdoch’s teammates gave him the appellation “Murder” in allotment because of his aftermost name and because he was boxy on opposing goalies.

But the acclaim and affluence of an NHL career gave Murdoch temptations he begin difficult to resist. He bound acquired a acceptability as a abundant drinker and was afterwards arrested for aggravating to cantankerous the US-Canadian bound with cocaine. The NHL abeyant him for 40 amateur as a result.

Murdoch’s career went off advance and he never akin the 32-goal amateur division he had in 1976-77. He was out of the NHL by the age of 26.

Murder’s aptitude was undeniable. If he would accept formed adamantine and kept himself clean, no one knows what affectionate of NHL career he adeptness accept had.

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Johnny McKenzie’s aboriginal name was “Pie Face” but eventually, it was artlessly beneath to “Pie.”

McKenzie had his best years with the Bruins and was in important allotment of Boston’s 1970 and 1972 Stanley Cup championship teams. “Pie” jumped to the cipher WHA in 1972, signing with the Philadelphia Blazers. He remained in the WHA until backward afterwards its final division in 1979.

McKenzie accomplished his career with 474 credibility in 691 NHL amateur and added accession 413 credibility in 477 WHA contests

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Howie Morenz was one of the abundant hockey players in the aboriginal NHL, assertive the alliance in the 1920s and 30s.

He was nicknamed “The Stratford Streak” for the acceleration he apparent on ice for the Canadiens, Rangers and Blackhawks and won three Hart Trophies as the league’s MVP in 1928, 1931 and 1932.

Morenz suffered a burst leg in a d in 1937 and was told he would never comedy hockey again. He died of complications from the injury, although abounding claimed he died of a burst heart.

The “Stratford Streak” was adopted to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1945, authoritative him one of nine aboriginal inductees. He was additionally the aboriginal Canadiens amateur to accept his jersey retired.

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“Leapin’ Lou” Fontinato was a boxy defenseman for the Rangers and Canadiens aback in the 1950s and aboriginal 1960s.

Fontinato set a almanac for amends account in a division with 202 in his additional year in the league, 1955-56.

He acceptable his appellation for one of two affidavit depending on who you ask: He generally leaped off his skates aback carrying a adamantine hit (which today would acquire him a affirmed suspension), or he leaped in the air aback arguing with referees over the penalties that were declared adjoin him.

Fontinato was complex in one of the added memorable bouts in NHL history aback he took on Detroit’s Gordie Howe. In the end, Howe burst Fontinato’s adenoids with one actual adamantine blow.

Fontinato’s career concluded in 1963 aback he absent a analysis on New York’s Vic Hadfield and airtight head-first into the boards. He was bedridden for a ages and never played in the NHL again.

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Bobby Hull’s albino locks and the acceleration he apparent skating bottomward the larboard accession acceptable the Blackhawks superstar the appellation “The Golden Jet.”

Hull became the aboriginal NHL amateur to account added than 50 goals in a division and was the best ambition scorer of his era in the 1960s. His bang attempt addled abhorrence in the affection of opposing goalies.

In 1972, Hull became the aboriginal above NHL brilliant to jump to the WHA, signing with the Winnipeg Jets for $1 million.

“The Golden Jet” was adopted to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1983.

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Like his father, Brett Hull had albino bristles and one of the best shots of his era. It wasn’t aloof the adeptness of Brett Hull’s attempt that fabricated him so effective, it was his quick absolution and his adeptness to acquisition accessible creases in opposing defenses that fabricated him so dangerous. With the Blues, he teamed with Adam Oates to accomplish one of the league’s best duos: Hull and Oates.

Brett was dubbed “The Golden Brett,” in allotment because of his father’s nickname.

Hull accomplished his NHL career with 741 goals, agreement him third all-time. He additionally denticulate the arguable Stanley Cup acceptable ambition for the Dallas Stars in 1999.

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While about cipher remembers Canadiens standout goalie Georges Vezina, he charcoal one of the standout players of the aboriginal canicule of pro hockey and one of the all-times abundant goalies in the history of the sport.

Vezina aftermost played for the Canadiens in 1925-26 and died of tuberculosis in March, 1926.

He was one of the nine antecedent inductees into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1944 and the bays annually awarded to the league’s best goaltender now bears his name.

In addition, Vezina had one of the best aboriginal nicknames in hockey history: “The Chicoutimi Cucumber.” The name came from the baby boondocks in Quebec area he lived and the actuality that writers said he was “cool as a cucumber.”

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Dominik Hasek was an beatnik goalie who generally fabricated affecting and acrobatic saves en avenue to acceptable one of the NHL’s best at the position.

Hasek won affluence of awards including six Vezina Trophies and a brace of Hart Trophies as alliance MVP. In 2002, he became the aboriginal European-born goalie to win the Stanley Cup.

His able comedy and aboriginal name acceptable Hasek the appellation “The Dominator.”

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Eddie Shack was dubbed “The Entertainer” because he consistently larboard the admirers captivated and excited. Although Shack wasn’t big, he never chock-full alive or throwing his anatomy about and the army aloof admired to watch him play.

How accepted was “The Entertainer?” Admitting never actuality a aggressor or a ambition scorer, a song declared “Clear the Track, Actuality Comes Shack” accomplished cardinal one on the Canadian music charts.

Shack played in three All-Star Amateur and won four Stanley Cups.

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Gilles Gratton was not a abundant NHL goalie, but he did accept one of the greatest masks in hockey history, a abrupt big cat that kept opposing shooters on their toes.

Gratton’s nickname, however, is accession amount altogether. Dubbed “Gratoony the Loony” by some of his teammates because they advised him flaky, alike for a goalie.

Among the belief that accept broadcast about Gratton is that he believed his anatomy was complex in the Spanish Inquisition or a conquistador in a accomplished activity and the pucks were villagers gluttonous revenge. Accession game, Gratton banned to comedy because the stars were not appropriately aligned, as he believed in astrology.

Despite his talent, Gratton alone lasted two seasons in the NHL and three in the WHA.

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Jean Beliveau was a fable alike afore he alive with the Montreal Canadiens. He aing the Habs in 1953 and played with them until 1971.

Beliveau was nicknamed “Le Gros Bill” afterwards a accepted Quebec folk song of the time. He retired as the Canadiens best arch scorer with 507 goals and 1,219 credibility in 1,125 games. Beliveau spent 10 years as captain of the Habs and won 10 Stanley Cups during his career.

“Le Gros Bill” was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1972, aloof one year afterwards he abashed up his skates. The acceptable three-year cat-and-mouse aeon was waived.

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Journeyman defenseman Gilles Marotte acceptable the appellation “Captain Crunch” for his adamantine blockage actualization while amphitheatre with the Los Angeles Kings in the aboriginal 1970s.

Marotte additionally played for Boston, Chicago, the New York Rangers and the Blues afore finishing his career in the WHA.

In 808 career NHL games, Marotte denticulate 56 goals and totaled 321 points.

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Michel “Bunny” Larocque was a acceptable advancement goalie but never accustomed himself as a full-time NHL starter.

He won four Vezina Trophies (which were afresh accustomed to the aggregation with the atomic goals accustomed in a season) and won four Stanley Cups, but Hall of Famer Ken Dryden did about all of the abundant appropriation in net for those Montreal teams.

After abrogation the Canadiens, Larocque played for the Maple Leafs and had abrupt stints with St. Louis and Philadelphia.

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He died of academician blight at the age of 40 in 1992.

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Big Gino Odjick was one of the added accepted Vancouver Canucks of the 1990s and spent abundant of his time there confined as Pavel Bure’s anatomy guard. He was a allotment of the 1994 Canucks aggregation that accomplished the Stanley Cup final.

Because of his built-in ancestry and his alertness to bead the gloves, he was accustomed the nickname, “The Algonquin Enforcer.”

Later in his career, he played for the Islanders, Canadiens and Flyers.

Odjick accomplished with 137 credibility and 2,567 amends account in 605 career NHL games.

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Gerry Cheevers won two Stanley Cups for the Boston Bruins in 1970 and 1972, and was one of the bigger NHL goalies in the ’60s and ’70s.

Cheevers became acclaimed for cutting a affectation which he added stitches to in adjustment to actualization what his face would accept endured had he not been cutting facial protection. Each time he was addled in the mask, added stitches were added to the mask.

After a three-and-a-half year assignment with the Cleveland Crusaders of the WHA, Cheevers alternate to the Bruins and helped them adeptness the Stanley Cup final in 1977 and 1978.

He served as drillmaster of the Bruins for about bristles abounding seasons anon afterwards he retired in 1980. Cheevers was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 1985.

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Ken Linseman was an advocate and a absolute affliction in the close to comedy against. That and his rodent-like actualization acceptable him the appellation “The Rat.”

Linseman’s best all-around division came with the Flyers in 1981-82, aback he denticulate 24 goals, totaled 92 credibility and added 275 amends minutes.

After abrogation the Flyers, he afterwards played for the Oilers, Bruins and Maple Leafs. He accomplished with 807 credibility in 860 amateur and won a Stanley Cup with Edmonton in 1984.

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Mark Messier accomplished his NHL career as the NHL’s additional best arch scorer and won a absolute of six Stanley Cups.

Early in his career, he was accepted as “Moose” for his admeasurement and concrete actualization of play.

When he confused on to the New York Rangers in 1991, he became accepted as “The Messiah” aback he was acquired to end the franchise’s 50-plus-year Stanley Cup drought. He delivered in 1994, arch the Rangers to their aboriginal appellation aback 1940.

Messier was adopted to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 2007.

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Clark Gillies was a big allotment of the Islanders absolutism that captured four beeline Stanley Cups amid 1980 and 1983.

The tough, accent larboard accompaniment could additionally bead the gloves but rarely did, as best opposing players were abashed to claiming him.

Gillies played on the Isles top band forth with adolescent Hall of Famers Bryan Trottier and Mike Bossy. He acceptable the appellation “Jethro” for his admeasurement and his bristles and his affinity to a actualization from TV’s, The Beverly Hillbillies.

Gillies topped the 30 ambition mark six times. He was adopted to the Hockey Hall of Acclaim in 2002.

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Bryan Watson acceptable the appellation “Bugsy” because he was so annoying to comedy against. Watson advised alone 170-pounds but accomplished his career as the NHL’s best amends minute baton with 2,112.

Watson played for six NHL teams and one in the WHA afore backward and aperture a restaurant in burghal Virginia.

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For a guy who played alone one career NHL game, Don Cherry fabricated absolutely a name for himself.

He became a celebrity apprenticeship the Boston Bruins in the backward 1970s and afresh aing CBC as an analyst for “Hockey Night In Canada” area he skyrocketed to fame. His segment, “Coaches Corner,” is apparent during the aboriginal abeyance and generally garners college ratings than the d itself.

“Grapes” additionally fabricated a alternation of “Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Hockey” videos that were annually best sellers in Canada for 20 years.

His beyond than activity personality and absorbing actualization makes Cherry a basic allotment of hockey ability in Canada.

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Gordie Howe is a hockey institution. He began his amphitheatre career in Detroit in 1946 and didn’t retire as an alive amateur until 1980 aback he was 52-years-old.

At the time of his retirement, Howe captivated about all allusive scoring annal in NHL history.

Howe could score, played able-bodied at both ends of the ice and was in alarming force aback blockage opponents. For his all-around d and diffuse Hall of Acclaim career, he acceptable the nickname, “Mister Hockey.”

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Teemu Selanne became accepted as “The Finnish Flash” for his country of agent and his outstanding abhorrent skills.

Since beginning assimilate the NHL amphitheatre with a amateur almanac 76 goals for Winnipeg in 1992-93, Selanne accustomed himself as one of the aristocratic ambition scorers of the “Dead Bogie Era.”

In 1,341 NHL games, Selanne has denticulate 663 goals and totaled 1,406 points. He has won three ambition scoring titles and one Stanley Cup in his NHL career.

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Mario Lemieux was one of the greatest players in NHL history. In fact, had his career not been cut abbreviate by injury, Lemieux may accept challenged abounding of Wayne Gretzky’s career scoring records.

Lemieux has the acumen of accepting adored the Pittsburgh Penguins authorization twice. The aggregation was broke aback he was drafted in 1984 and his able comedy helped animate the Pens both on and off the ice. Afterwards his retirement, he adored the aggregation afresh by demography over as owner. He led them to a brace of Stanley Cups as a amateur and one added as the owner.

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He charcoal the best activating amateur in Penguins history. The Pens apparent a bronze of Lemieux alfresco their new amphitheatre in 2012.

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